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Ol' Bob's BBQ & Catering

North Carolina's Largest BBQ Sandwich


1737 Wilkesboro Hwy, Ste J
Statesville, NC 28625

Fax: 704-871-1310
Last Updated: April 20, 2018




About Ol' Bob's BBQ & Catering

Home of North Carolina's Largest BBQ Sandwich. Ol’ Bob’s BBQ restaurant is serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner made to order. Catering available for events and meetings.

Ol' Bob's BBQ was somewhat born out of chance. Throughout the 1990s, Bob Patterson, a retired high school administrator, and his son Eric spent many of their afternoons and evenings over the fire cooking great tasting BBQ for school fundraisers. Upon Bob's passing, Jeff McMahan and current sole-owner Robby Earnhardt, Eric's friends and coworkers at the local Pepsi distribution plant in Statesville, NC stepped in to fill the void. The signature blend of spices and cooking techniques that Bob had shared with Eric throughout the years made the trio's barbeque in high demand throughout the community, as they received an increasing number of rave reviews and catering requests. The friend's experiment and hobby got so time consuming, in fact, that a choice had to be made: either call it quits and focus on their jobs at Pepsi, or leave behind their upper-management positions and start a restaurant. The decision was made, and nearly two decades later, Ol' Bob's is going stronger than ever!

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Other Information


Wing Sauce

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BBQ Base Sauces:

BBQ--  Ol’ Bob’s own BBQ Wing Sauce

Honey BBQ-- Ol’ Bob’s finger lickin’ BBQ sauce with a touch of honey added

Medium Hot-- A delicious mix of Ol’ Bob’s BBQ wing sauce and hot sauce

Medium Hot Honey—Ol’ Bob’s medium hot sauce with a touch of honey added

Hot Base Sauces:

Hot-- Just the right mix of heat and flavor

Warm-- The flavor of hot with the heat turned down

Hot Honey-- Ol’ Bob’s Hot sauce with a touch of honey added for a savory seet and spicy taste

Extra Hot-- Great flavor but too hot for most

Flame-- Ol’ Bob’s own fiery concoction that will burn your face off


Specialty Sauces:

Golden Blend-- A honey mustard based sauce that is simply incredible! This is one of Ol’ Bob’s best selling wing sauces

Hot Golden Blend-- Ol’ Bob’s golden blend sauce with a touch of hot sauce added for a little kick

Hot Honey Garlic—Ol’ Bob’s newest sauce is a fresh made sauce that combines garlic, honey, hot sauce to create one mouth waterin’ wing sauce