LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep the monument

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep the monument

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Keep the monument

With regards to the Confederate Monument, I am reminded of the words of Golda Meir, “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” The monument exists to remember our 600-700 forefathers from Iredell County who were killed during the Civil War, not to honor the Confederacy.

Herb Poole


In rebuttal to ‘What should be done with Confederate Statues?’

As I sit here in my living room, nestled near the old court house, I ponder the fate of our statue to the Confederate dead. I am a product of the Confederacy. Five generations deep on both sides, in the land that you find under your feet here in Iredell County. My family, too poor to own slaves, did not join the Confederacy to fight to keep slaves. They fought to keep an invading army of marauding, raping pillagers from destroying their homes and families. They had heard the gossip of the brutality of the conscripted Union horde. They fought to defend what they held dear. They were maimed, captured and died as POWs in the North, or came home to an entirely new reality.

So, fast forward to 2020 and a new horde has arisen. They have last names like Hittepole, with accents that reverberate on the ear drum like fingernails on a blackboard. They hail from places like NY and NJ. They have no pride in their own history or even themselves, as is so apparent when they move South. If they had any pride, they would not move to the South on a “seek and destroy” mission to fashion their new home into that which they had just fled.

Those of us with roots here know the plight of our ancestors, and we are proud of the stock from which we descend. We also know that the Confederate Monuments were the levee that has held back the Communist Revolutionary Horde which you see every evening on the news. What you are seeing is a color revolution. Most don’t realize that’s what it is, because most have never been outside of US borders. I can assure you, that’s what this is, as I’ve traveled the Eastern Bloc.

To summarize, the Confederate Monument does not leave its pedestal. Our Confederate dead, black and white alike, will remain in their peaceful slumber. The Vance house will stay precisely on the corner of Front Street unencumbered. You do not travel to a foreign country expecting them to acquiesce to your irritating version of English. And if you do, you embody the horror stories of rude Americans I had the displeasure of hearing about on my travels all through France, Hungary, and Romania.

So, when you move to the South, you need to think as if you’re immigrating to a foreign country, and respect our culture and heritage. Otherwise, leave.

Andrea Royall


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