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LETTER: Science supports creationism

LETTER: Science supports creationism

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An honorable man and good friend of mine told of a bumper sticker he saw the other day.  The bumper sticker said “In the Beginning, Man Created God.”  It also had a fish with legs and “Darwin” written inside the fish. This was bothersome for my friend, for me and for others who were listening to this story.

We weren’t angry. We don’t hate the owner of the bumper sticker. Mostly, it is a sad commentary on our society. I don’t know if this Darwinist hates Christians or just thinks we are worthy of his derision. This Darwinist must realize he is on the winning side—at least for now.  Government schools are forbidden to teach our children Biblical creation; Hollywood and news media routinely speak of millions or even billions of years. Society knows well that science is superior to the Holy Scriptures. Why mock the loser Christians?

The truth is that the study of evolution and creationism is historical science, not laboratory science. Some aspects of this historical science can be studied and analyzed in the laboratory, but how this actual science gets extrapolated back into history depends on one’s worldview. If you believe there is no god and that everything around us came from nothing, then you will be convinced that the laboratory science supports evolution. If you believe in God and the historical Genesis account, you will see clearly how this same laboratory science supports creationism.

Jim Hittepole


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