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    As humankind’s population continues to grow we’re running into a bit of a tradeoff, we’re destroying the habitats of animals to build farms to feed ourselves and releasing a ton of carbon while we do it. But now experts say we could kill two birds with one stone with these: edible mushrooms.

      Solar is the future, after all it’s literally limitless energy provided by the Sun, but many argue that we don’t have enough areas for solar farms. Well, one Swiss company may have figured that out. This is what they’re calling Sun-Ways and could help capture a massive amount of solar energy…

        With EU ministers reaching a deal to supply Ukraine with a million rounds of shells to bolster its defenses against Russia’s invasion, munitions factories across the continent, including in France, are having to ramp up production to meet demand, while the slightest error during the manufact…

        For the sixth year running, Finland was named the world's happiest country in an annual UN-sponsored index Monday. With thousands of lakes and near endless forests, the Nordic country is known for its extensive welfare system, high trust in authorities and low levels of inequality among its …

        Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Kyiv for a surprise visit shortly after noon Tuesday, hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in neighboring Russia for a three-day trip. Moscow’s invasion will be in the spotlight at both meetings. Footage shown on Japanese national broadcaster NHK showed Kishida walking on the platform of a train station, escorted by a few people who appeared to be Ukrainian officials. It was uncertain whether either meeting would change the course of the almost 13-month war in Ukraine, but the talks about 800 kilometers (500 miles) apart highlighted the war’s repercussions for international diplomacy as countries line up behind rival parties.


        Content by Salem Tourism. For pickers and antiques aficionados, everything old is new again, and there’s certainly plenty of charming territory to explore in the welcoming town of Salem on the northwest outskirts of Roanoke, Virginia.

        Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

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