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Weekly Word of Encouragement
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Weekly Word of Encouragement

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“But he lingered; so the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand (the LORD being merciful to him) and they brought him out and left him outside the city.” — Genesis 19:16

Get out of Dodge, that’s what the Lord told Lot and his family to do. Why?

Lot had made the choice to go live in the wicked city of Sodom and Gomorrah, when he parted ways with his uncle, Abraham. The “bright lights and big city” looked good to Lot, but in the end, it almost got him, his two daughters and his two guests raped by the men of the city.

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Now God was going to judge the city. Nobody wanted to leave. Lot’s wife eventually “looked back” and she turned to a “pillar of salt.” His two sons-in-law thought Lot was kidding when he told them God was about to destroy the city. They stayed behind and died in the fire. Even Lot, who at least listened to God’s warning, didn’t want to leave. The text tells us that he “lingered.”

In this story, we see the sway that wickedness can have over the human heart. We also see not only the justice of God in his judgments, but also the grace of God, in that he grabbed Lot’s lingering hand and pulled him, his wife and his two girls out of the city before it was judged.

If you are reading this Word of Encouragement today it means that you are still alive. Furthermore, you and I know that we all have “lingered” to leave that which seems so enticing but leads to death. Yet God has been gracious in that he has taken our “lingering hands” and pulled us out of situations that were not good for us. Let us be grateful for his mercy and grace, and let us recognize that “His kindness to us meant to lead us to repentance” (Romans 2:4) Repent and turn to Christ while you still can.

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