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Out of Our Past

Out of Our Past

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Fifty years ago:

Record & Landmark,

Nov. 2-7, 1970.

Names of the 2 candidates for local coroner did not appear on the ballot. “Mounting a Democratic write-in campaign is Joe Troutman. The Republican opposition comes from Dr. Irvin G. Scherer who was selected to replace Dr. W.H. Cherry, Jr., the name appearing on the ballot. Dr. Cherry stated he would not serve as coroner if elected.” [Scherer won.] (11/2)

NIHS 20 North Wilkes 0. “The Raiders broke a winless skein dating back to the fourth game of 1967. With 8:12 to go in the first period, Barry Morrison slanted into the end zone for the first Raider touchdown and also added the points after for a 7-0 lead.” [rain makeup] (11/3)

Local election results. “A total of 16,050 voters went to the polls. The first woman to seek election to the Iredell County Board of Commissioners, Mrs. Sarah Johnston McLaughlin, led all candidates to pick up an easy win. She copped 7,056 of the votes.” (11/4)

“For Sale 3 houses with 1 acre lot to each. 3 or 4 lots that does not have houses. Off Tabor Rd. on newly hard-topped rd. 4 miles North of Turnersburg.” (11/5)

Photo. “G.D. White is show receiving a $200 check and a certificate denoting his Superior Achievement Award from Postmaster Jack Harmon. White, who has been with the department for three years, is a utility carrier, working on several routes.” (11/6)

“John M. Carson, Jr., has purchased Steele’s Coin Shop and began operations Friday. Carson was employed by J.C. Penney Co. for 23 years. ‘I’ve always been interested in coin collecting as a hobby. Then the chance came to go into business, and I took it.’” (11/7)

Seventy-five years ago:

Statesville Daily Record,

Nov. 2-8, 1945—Milita

T/4 Huie L. Speaks died 11/6/45 Germany. “He was suffering from second and third degree burns, which he had received in a vehicle accident. He entered the Army on November 17, 1942, leaving for overseas duty in August, 1944. He saw action in France, Holland and Germany with the Infantry.” (11/2)

S/Sgt. Walter Lentz, Statesville Owl, discharged. “On December 14, 1944, while serving as a gunner on a B-29, he was shot down over Rangoon, Burma. He remained a prisoner for five months. He plans to work with G.L. Wilson and may later enter professional baseball again.” [Lentz, a pitcher, played from 1946-1951, ending his career with Mooresville.] (11/3)

William Glen Summers S 1/c, light cruiser Vicksburg. “One of the high spots of the Vicksburg’s career was the Iwo Jima campaign. On D-Day in that operation, the cruiser, only 1500 yards offshore, fired her guns so rapidly that the paint was burned off the barrels.” (11/5)

Lt. Mary Elizabeth Rhyne home soon. “Lt. Rhyne was in Italy until recently when she was assigned to duty in the Pacific. Infinitely more terrifying than any bombing in Europe were the typhoons on Okinawa last month, she wrote.” (11/6)

“Pfc. Harold Childers received a discharge Monday, at Fort Bragg. He had been wounded and was a prisoner of war for many months returning to the states early in the summer.” (11/7)

J.F. Orren radarman 3/c. “Orren took part in the task of clearing Japanese waters of minefields to insure the supply line for American occupation forces, while serving with the crew of the destroyer-minelayer USS Harry F. Bauer.” (11/8)

Seventy-five years ago:

Statesville Daily Record,

Nov. 2-7, 1945—Home front.

Ad. “Order Yours Now. Electric Washers and Refrigerators On Display at Blackwelder’s. Seven Foot Kelvinator and Leonard Refrigerators installed with five year guarantee. $146.95. Blackwelder’s Turnersburg Road – 315 Meeting St.” (11/2)

“Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Land said yesterday in Washington that they were forced to close the Dixie Dame Pickle factory because the OPA had not approved their application for 10,000 pounds of sugar. Congressman Robert L. Doughton is assisting in their appeal for action.” (11/3)

“Local and area residents who have long been awaiting the opportunity to view the new cars are now given this treat. Last week the Ford and this week the Chevrolet. The new Chevrolet was put on display Saturday.” (11/5)

Clifton C. Campbell, 1st local draftee, home. “He was inducted into the army on December 9, 1940. He set sail for Europe on his birthday October 2, 1943, was with the Field Artillery in the Mediterranean and Central German sections, acquired two campaign stars, four battle stars, and on his birthday, October 2, boarded the ship to sail home.” (11/6)

“The musical talent show sponsored by the P.T.A. of Avery Sherrill School proved a huge success. Among the Nelson Eddys discovered was Jim Speaks. Dixon Thomas, Statesville’s young Mozart, also gave an excellent performance.” (11/7)

Help Wanted. “Experienced Dyer wanted for progressive organization producing approximately five thousand dozen men’s socks per week. Write Dyer c/o Statesville Daily Record and state experiences, age and references.” (11/8

One hundred years ago:


Nov. 4 and 8, 192

Local election results. “Using the vote of Wilson and Hughes in 1916 for comparison, the enfranchisement of the women practically doubled the county’s vote. In 1916 3,334 votes were cast for Wilson and 2,070 for Hughes, a total of 5,404. Tuesday 6,468 votes were cast for Cox and 4,406 for Harding, a total of 10,874.” [Democrat James M. Cox carried Iredell & NC, but Republican Warren G. Harding won the presidency, 404 electoral votes to 127.] (11/4)

Local election results. “Inquiries at the different polling places brought the information that the first lady-voters in each ward were: Mrs. F.E. Bradley, first ward. Mrs. R.P. Allison, second ward. Mrs. M.P. Alexander, third ward. Mrs. J.S. McRorie, fourth ward.” (11/4)

Ruby Fraley and Frank L. Johnson married “She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Fraley, of the county, and is a trained nurse by profession. She served with the Brenizer unit in France during the war. Since her release from the service she has been with the Carpenter-Davis hospital here. He is manager of the Coca Cola Bottling Company.” (11/8)

“All schools in the county will be in session by next Monday, the 15th. November 15 is the latest date at which any school in the county is allowed to open.” (11/8)

“Mrs. Henry Fonde, who looks after the flowers and shrubs on the Southern railway property was in Statesville this week.” (11/8)

One hundred twenty-five years ago:


Nov. 5 and 8, 1895.

“In the Federal Court week before last a jury failed to agree. One of their number was sent in several times for instructions and finally it became known that the jury stood 11 to 1. District Attorney Glenn said he would agree to the verdict of the 11 if the other side was willing. The defense acquiesced and 11 rendered the verdict with the dissenter still dissenting.” (11/5)

“Messrs. J.F. Armfield and H.R. Cowles were on a hunting expedition to Sharpesburg Saturday and each killed a wild turkey. Both gentlemen are fine shots. They report quail unusually scarce.” (11/5)

“Beginning to-night the Statesville Cotton Mills will run night and day.” (11/5)

“Register Ramsey and a number of other citizens report that they felt the earthquake Thursday morning of last week, but didn’t say anything about it, thinking they might be mistaken, until they read of the earthquake in the papers.” (11/8)

Mooresville. “Wednesday morning a young man named Henry Dobson had his left hand mangled by the bursting of his gun while hunting, and so severe was the injury as to require the amputation of the hand. The operation was performed by Drs. Stevenson and McLelland.” (11/8)

“Wheat seeding has been going on in earnest this week, and corn huskings have been the order of the day, or rather the night, for the past two weeks.” (11/8)

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