Out of Our Past: WFMX goes 24 hours, a Distinguished Flying Cross was awarded and phones were coming
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Out of Our Past: WFMX goes 24 hours, a Distinguished Flying Cross was awarded and phones were coming

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After Japanese bombers hit and set fire to the aircraft on the flight deck, crewmen aboard an unknown U.S. carrier are battling the flames, on January 4, 1945, during the Pacific Theater in World War II. (AP Photo)

50 years ago Record & Landmark June 22-27, 1970

Ad: “WFMX Radio is going full time 24 hours a day starting Monday June 22. Tune in at 12 midnight for the ‘Joey Glenn Show’ Five full hours of modern country music. Win free prizes each night. Dial 105.7 fm Big Country Radio ‘It’s whats happening after midnight’” (6/22)

“The Jack E. Spainhour Co. announced today the awarding of a contract to P.S. West Construction Co. for the erection of a new building facing Cooper St. and a major renovation to the present building. This will be Spainhour’s fourth expansion in Statesville since 1947.” (6/23)

Statesville Recreation Commission: “A group from the Golden Age Club appeared before the commission requesting that the commission check into the feasibility of purchasing a bus in order that senior citizens would have transportation for various outings.” (6/24)

Council sets bond referendum to expand electrical system: “Due to hot days and increased voltage consumption on the system, an overload occurred at substation number six last Thursday. Mayor Bagnal placed part of the problem on the advent of air conditioning.” (6/25)

“Webber Auto took an 8-3 upset win over J.C. Steele. Phillip Hollar and Tommy Guy had three safeties for the winners. Ronnie Elmore, Mickey Morrison, John Fox and Stanley Gibson paired hits for the losers with Morrison getting a homer.” (6/26)

“Raleigh — Ft. Dobbs has been nominated by the Department of Archives and History for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. The site is presently owned by the Ft. Dobbs Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.” (6/27)

75 years ago Statesville Daily Record June 22-28, 1945 — Military

Capt. Richard F. Page, Distinguished Flying Cross: “The award was made upon completion of 300 hours of operational flight in transport aircraft over the dangerous and difficult India China air routes where attack was probable and expected.” [The Hump] (6/22)

D.H. Lumsden B.M. 2/c on leave: “Lumsden has been in the Navy for the past three years and this is his first visit home. Lumsden just recently returned from Okinawa. Most of his three years of service have been spent in the Pacific war theatre.” (6/23)

“Boyce B. Parks has been promoted to corporal. He is a truck driver with a unit of the Fifth Air Force Service Command now in the Philippines. Overseas 18 months, Parks has also served in Australia, New Guinea and the Netherlands East Indies.” (6/25)

Leander F. Smith, two years on the destroyer escort Atlantic Fleet: “He wears the American and European-African-Middle Eastern Theater ribbons with one star for his participation in an air attack in the Mediterranean area. His ship helped destroy at least one German aircraft.” (6/26)

“Staff Sergeant Tommy Murdock, Jr., a hero of the Philippines invasion and holder of the Air Medal is missing in action since June 12, a telegram from the War Department informed his parents yesterday afternoon.” [aerial gunner on B-24 Liberator bomber] (6/27)

Letter to parents received yesterday: “Staff Sergeant Tom Murdock, Jr., is back safe with his outfit after crash-landing in the ocean and spending three days and two nights on a rubber life raft. His plane was forced down in the Pacific after the gas supply was exhausted.” (6/28)

Seventy-five years ago: Statesville Daily Record, June 22-28, 1945 — Home front.

T/Sgt. Elmer Howard, POW since 1942, dead during transport from Philippines to Japan: “The vessel sailed from Manila on October 11, 1944, with 1775 prisoners of war. On October 24 the ship was sunk by submarine action in the South China Sea.” [War Dept. letter to wife] (6/22)

“Rev. Jack Shuler, Los Angeles evangelist, will conduct a service Sunday morning at 11 o’clock at Boulevard Methodist and again at 8 o’clock. With Rev. Mr. Shuler is Cliff Barrows, singer, and his wife, who will have the musical program.” [2 services a day all week] (6/23)

Lt. F.W. Matson recruiting women for civil service jobs in Signal Corps: “For reasons of security, Matson could not describe the details of the work but in general they were of a mechanical, clerical, or analytical research type with an intelligence branch of the army.” (6/25)

“Local coal dealers are urging the people to place their orders for coal now instead of waiting for the winter months. A 20 per cent reduction of the coal quota in the East due to the heavy requirements of our war against Japan will make it difficult to get coal this winter.” (6/26)

Red Cross sewing room open 6/28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.: “An order for 300 children’s pajamas for European relief has been received. The sewing will be simple and plain and workers are needed, in order that the shipment can be completed in a short time.” (6/27)

Playhouse War Bond show 6/27: “Top feature was the stage appearance of Pfc. Donald O’Connor, of movie fame, who is on tour with the show. The youthful actor who has been in the service of his country for 18 months, won the heartiest applause from the audience.” (6/28)

One hundred years ago: Landmark, June 22 and 25, 1920.

Dunlap: “Mr. N.F. Blackwelder, who started out by buying an automobile last year, has sold his organ and bought a player-piano. The next thing he contemplates is painting his house and the installation of electric lights.” (6/22)

Harmony R. 1: “We now have all the modern conveniences, such as the telephones, automobiles, etc. Next thing on the program are electric lights and water to run our barns and kitchens. These things will make farm life more attractive to our boys and girls.” (6/22)

Ad: “John J. Parker, Republican nominee for Governor, will speak at the court house in Statesville, Saturday, June 26 at 2:30 p.m. and in Mooresville at 8 p.m. Everyone invited, especially the ladies.” [The 19th Amendment, female suffrage, needs one more state to ratify] (6/22)

“Lieutenant-Governor O. Max Gardner, candidate for Governor, spoke to an audience here that filled the courthouse. Many ladies were present.” (6/25)

Troutman: “The shirt factory will begin operation within the next day or so. The machinery is all in place and doubtless within another week they’ll be rolling out shirts one a minute.” (6/25)

“Iredell’s candidates in the primary showed very scant expense accounts. The only expense was the slight registration fee with the exception of Mr. Reid R. Morrison, candidate for Representative in the House who spent $4.80 in announcing his candidacy.” [NC House] (6/25)

One hundred twenty-five years ago: Landmark, June 25 and 28, 1895.

Runaway carriage hits electric light pole: “Dr. J.F. Carlton was seriously hurt. An examination showed a cut and indentation on the back of his head. He was unconscious all of Tuesday night and a greater portion of Wednesday and yesterday was in only half-conscious condition. Last night he rested very well and is better this morning.” (6/28)

Clio: “The chief topic of conversation is the free coinage of silver. Nine out of every ten persons you meet are for free silver; another interesting feature of this subject is that ten out of ten you meet know absolutely nothing about it.” [Stimulate the economy by increasing the amount of money in circulation.] (6/28)

“The telephone system is expected to be in working order next Monday and then we’ll all begin to say ‘hello’.” (6/28)

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