HIGH SCHOOL TRACK & FIELD: Iredell County champions crowned

HIGH SCHOOL TRACK & FIELD: Iredell County champions crowned

Five of the top eight athletes at meet from Mooresville

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MOORESVILLE—It was a dominant outing for Mooresville’s boys during Wednesday’s Iredell County Track and Field Championships, and Lake Norman had enough to hold off the Blue Devils in the girls’ division.

Mooresville’s 68 points in distance running events alone nearly put the Blue Devils on top of the podium. They totaled 264 points, far outdoing the field, including co-runners up Statesville and West Iredell which both finished with 77.

Lake Norman amassed 64 points solely in distances events and finished with 163 to beat the Mooresville girls by 17.

Placing fourth in the boys’ division was Lake Norman (68 points). Following the Wildcats were South Iredell (45), Pine Lake Prep (43) and North Iredell (26).

Pine Lake Prep placed third in the girls’ division with 75 points. Following the Pride was West Iredell (60), Statesville (59), South Iredell (51) and North Iredell (46).


Good luck trying to keep up with Keshaun Black in a sprint-style race. The Mooresville junior is lightning fast. He displayed his speed again Wednesday, bolting to the county championship in the boys' 100-meter dash.

Black exploded from his position on the crack of the starting gun. From there, everyone else ran for second place.

"I think I get out better," he said. "I'm working on the finish of my race."

His finish left little to be desired against his county competitors. He placed first easily with an incredible time of 10.75 seconds. Teammate Justin Torrence was second at 11.23 seconds.

Black wasn’t far away from challenging the fastest time in the state among 4A runners. Garner’s Randolph Ross holds that mark at 10.64.

"This means a lot," Black said when asked about being the fastest in the county. "What's important to me is to see us be a state-level team."


There is no mistaking North Iredell features one of the county’s top track athletes in Jonna Strange. North Carolina and North Carolina State are among the likes recruiting the long-distance running extraordinaire who doubles as an All-State cross country runner during the fall.

Raiders track coach David Lewis predicted Strange would complete the 1,600-meter girls' race Wednesday in less than 5 minutes. She came close to finishing the mile—four laps—in that time. The junior crossed the finish line in 5 minutes, 5.87 seconds.

"I was trying for it," Strange said. "I still (got my personal record) in outdoor (track) by seven seconds. … I've just got to work on the third and fourth laps. The first two are easy. It's the third that's hard."

She finished comfortably ahead of runner-up Maddie Huecker (5:25.09) of Lake Norman.

The county meet offered a lighter workload than usual for Strange, who is preparing for this weekend's Bojangles’ Track & Field Classic in Columbia, S.C. She did not run the 3,200 meters, a race she can also dominate on any given day.

"I'm trying to save my legs for that meet Saturday," she said. "All my big competition from North Carolina will be there."

Her personal record in the 3,200 during outdoor track season is 10:45 and 10:35 during indoor.

"Hoping for 10:30 or better Saturday," she said with a smile. "My Mom said I can get a new running watch if I get it.

"This one has been good to me," she added, looking down at the timer on her wrist. "But it's time to retire it."


Black, Mooresville’s Damien Gonzalez and West Iredell’s Ryan Tenor shared the distinction as Most Outstanding Male Athlete at the Iredell County Championships.

In addition to his win in the 100, Black took first place in the 200 meters with a time of 22.04 seconds, and he ran the final leg of the Blue Devils’ 4x100-winning relay.

Gonzalez placed first in the 1,600- and 800-meter races with times of 4:46.56 and 2:09, respectively. He also contributed to the Blue Devils’ win in the 4x800 relay.

Tenor claimed long jump (20 feet, 5.7 inches) and triple jump (42 feet, 6.75 inches) championships while also assisting the Warriors’ 4x200-winning relay.

Mooresville’s Carrington Wise-Smith was named the Most Outstanding Female Athlete. Smith won county titles in the 100 meters (13.03 seconds) and 200 meters (27.19 seconds) in addition to helping the Blue Devils’ 4x100 and 4x200 relay squads to first-place finishes.

Mooresville’s D’nahjah Harrell and Reggie Spratling were recognized as the Female and Male Field Event MVPs. Harrell captured crowns in the long jump (16 feet, 11 inches) and high jump (5 feet, 4 inches). Spratling had the best throws in the shot put (42 feet, 10 inches) and discus (119 feet, 7 inches). His discus throw was nearly 10 feet longer than that of the runner-up.

Huecker and West Iredell’s Chandon Smith were named the Female and Male Running MVPs.

In addition to her second-place finish in the 1,600, Huecker, a freshman, won the 800 (2:32.67) and 3,200 (11:48.80). Smith claimed the county championship in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 41.83 seconds. He was third in the 200 dash (23.21 seconds) and ran the last leg of the Warriors’ 4x200-winning relay.



Iredell County Championships

At Lake Norman H.S.


Girls: Lake Norman 163 points, Mooresville 146, Pine Lake Prep 75, West Iredell 60, Statesville 59, South Iredell 51, North Iredell 46.

Boys: Mooresville 264 points, West Iredell 77, Statesville 77, Lake Norman 68, South Iredell 45, Pine Lake Prep 43, North Iredell 26.

EVENTS (top 5 individuals; top 3 relays)

4x800 relay

Girls: Lake Norman (Ashley Bienstock, Elizabeth Galla, Morgan Hand, Kaleigh Stolberg) 10:46.66, Mooresville (Charlotte Allen, Kayla Stissel, Kailie Rockness, Briana Pratt) 10:55.20, North Iredell (Daelyn Dowell, Josie Chenevy, Sidney Leonard, Jonna Strange) 11:31.57.

Boys: Mooresville (Carter Tacosik, Damien Gonzalez, Matt Ferrara, Eli Blackwelder) 8:21.75, South Iredell (names not available) 9:05.15, West Iredell (Garrett Stiltner, Demetrius Miller, Wesley Lytton, Eric Sanders) 9:23.43.

100 hurdles

Girls: Amari Johnson (LN) 15.54, Janey Krehnbrink (PLP) 18.41, Macy Rhodes (WI), Lavender Cook (S) 19.62, Annica Teasley (S) 19.64.

110 hurdles

Boys: Carson Bavery (M) 16.64, Walt Tillery (WI) 16.87, Noah Dean (SI) 17.15, Nick Cartwright (LN) 17.24, Kaden Pigeon (M) 17.52.

100 dash

Girls: Carrington Wise-Smith (M) 13.03, Lariyah Clark (WI) 13.11, Te’Nisha Holloway (S) 13.31, Lauren Messer (PLP) 13.37, Dajah Black (M) 13.41.

Boys: Keshaun Black (M) 10.75, Justin Torrence (M) 11.23, Brynes Pearson (LN) 11.35, Kaleel Stevenson (SI) 11.53, Sean Hill (M) 11.55.

4x200 relay

Girls: Mooresville (Jenna Mayfield, Kennedy Stillwell, Carrington Wise-Smith, Jazmine Farmer) 1:50.22, Pine Lake Prep (Teryn Morgan, Janey Krehnbrink, Haley Garrett, Lauren Messer) 1:50.88, Lake Norman (names not available) 1:53.56.

Boys: West Iredell (William Barber, Ryan Tenor, SayQwon Miller, Chandon Smith) 1:33.05, Mooresville (Ashton Edstrom, Da’Quan Morrison, Treyvon Birchett, Malik Birchett) 1:34.15, South Iredell (names not available) 1:34.87.

1,600 run

Girls: Jonna Strange (NI) 5:05.87, Maddie Huecker (LN) 5:25.09, Kaleigh Stolberg (LN) 5:47.61, Elizabeth Galla (LN) 6:00.62, Karen Gonzalez (SI) 6:20.00.

Boys: Damien Gonzalez (M) 4:46.56, Kevin Biglow (S) 4:48.87, Carter Tacosik (M) 4:50.10, Ethan Brewer (M) 4:53.59, Matthew McConnell (SI) 4:57.70.

4x100 relay

Girls: Mooresville (Dajah Black, D’nahjah Harrell, Bella Guzman, Carrington Wise-Smith) 51.33, Pine Lake Prep (Teryn Morgan, Ellie Murphy, Haley Garrett, Lauren Messer) 53.27, Statesville (names not available) 54.79.

Boys: Mooresville (Keshaun Black, Sean Hill, Justin Torrence, Treymin Jackson) 43.15, Lake Norman (names not available) 45.13, Statesville (names not available) 45.42.

400 dash

Girls: Christen Makayla (S) 1:04.69, Teryn Morgan (PLP) 1:05.88, Erica Anderson (NI) 1:06.08, Ashley Bienstock (LN) 1:06.20, Charlotte Allen (M) 1:09.55.

Boys: Cole Krehnbrink (PLP) 51.03, Jake Trantham (M) 51.95, Treyvon Birchett (M) 54.34, Kevin Biglow (S) 54.57, Daniel Parsons (NI) 54.84.

300 hurdles

Girls: Hannah VanBuren (SI) 56.44, Daelyn Dowell (NI) 57.00, Winter Earnhardt (WI) 59.31, Abbey Drye (NI) 59.51, Kaneycha Turner (S) 59.97.

Boys: Chandon Smith (WI) 41.83, Nick Cartwright (LN) 43.05, Carson Bavery (M) 44.53, Joey Kaots (LN) 45.55, Walt Tillery (WI) 45.70.

800 run

Girls: Maddie Huecker (LN) 2:32.67, Ashley Bienstock (LN) 2:34.98, Charlotte Allen (M) 2:41.16, Madelyn Sursi (LN) 2:41.23, Caitlin Voos (M) 2:48.22.

Boys: Damien Gonzalez (M) 2:09.00, Carter Tacosik (M) 2:12.48, Ethan Brewer (M) 2:14.99, Elijah Winters (SI) 2:16.25, Bronson Valley (PLP) 2:16.28.

200 dash

Girls: Carrington Wise-Smith (M) 27.19, Bella Guzman (M) 27.61, Jade Lowe (LN) 28.24, Malia Reitmeyer (LN) 28.45, Reece Thompson (SI) 28.55.

Boys: Keshaun Black (M) 22.04, Byrnes Pearson (LN) 22.88, Chandon Smith (WI) 23.21, Cole Krehnbrink (PLP) 23.51, Da’Quan Morrison (M) 23.60.

3,200 run

Girls: Maddie Huecker (LN) 11:48.80, Kaleigh Stolberg (LN) 12:20.69, Morgan Hand (LN) 13:35.90, Nicole Aswell (PLP) 13:48.06, Karen Gonzalez (SI) 13:58.19.

Boys: Eli Blackwelder (M) 10:16.00, Pablo Martinez (M) 10:25.82, Tanner Smith (M) 10:37.86, Victor Pavon (NI) 11:08.60, Dalton Graves (LN) 11:19.78.

4x400 relay

Girls: Pine Lake Prep (Teryn Morgan, Ellie Murphy, Emma Hiteshue, Lauren Messer) 4:36.34, Mooresville (Kennedy Stillwell, Bella Guzman, Charlotte Allen, Payton Tucker) 4:40.32, South Iredell (names not available) 4:49.47.

Boys: Mooresville ( Jake Trantham, Joseph Lee, Isaiah Ryle, Trey Birchette) 3:39.08, Pine Lake Prep (Cole Krehnbrink, Jeremy Shatsha, Lukas Valley, Kyle Isler) 3:39.18, Statesville (names not available) 3:48.77.


Girls: Julia Webster (LN) 85-08, Jazmine Lowe (LN) 83-05, Natajia Freeman (LN) 82-09, Sidney Leonard (NI) 80-05, Hannah Hoffman (S) 78-02.

Boys: Reggie Spratling (M) 119-07, Timothy Webb (S) 109-11, Jacob Thomasson (S) 108-07, Will Rizzi (M) 102-05, Dustin Craig (LN) 101-09.

Shot put

Girls: Nakyla Heaggans (WI) 30-07, Natajia Freeman (LN) 29-02.50, Amaya Madison (M) 27-09.50, Jazmine Lowe (LN) 27-07.00, Megan Rose (S) 27-05.20.

Boys: Reggie Spratling (M) 42-10, Aaron Chambers (S) 41-03.50, Ben Ellis (M) 40-07.50, Mannie Long (WI) 38-04, Jacob Thomasson (S) 36-10.

Long jump

Girls: D’nahjah Harrell (M) 16-11, Kirsten Gusler (SI) 15-02.50, Lariyah Clark (WI) 15-02, Anna Grace England (WI) 14-04.50, Lavender Cook (S) 13-08.

Boys: Ryan Tenor (WI) 20-05.70, Sean Hill (M) 20-03.50, Dominic Williams (S) 19-11.50, Isaiah Ryle (M) 19-11, Kaleel Stevenson (SI) 19-09.40.

Triple jump

Girls: Anna Grace England (WI) 30-02, Anna Ellis (LN) 30-01, Madeline Kelly (M) 29-07.50, Emily Rodden (SI) 29-05, Hannah VanBuren (SI) 29-05.

Boys: Ryan Tenor (WI) 42-06.75, Treyvon Birchett (M) 40-01.50, Dominic Williams (S) 40-01, Malik Birchett (M) 39-07, Treymin Jackson (M) 39-04.

High jump

Girls: D’nahjah Harrell (M) 5-04, Megan Rose (S) 5-02, Janey Krehnbrink (PLP) 4-08, Anna Grace England (WI) 4-04, Delaney O’Tuel (LN) 4-04.

Boys: Cole Krehnbrink (PLP) 6-02, Sean Hill (M) 6-00, Isaiah Ryle (M) 6-00, Gaebriel White (S) 5-08, C.J Parise (NI) 5-06.

Pole vault

Girls: Ally Richardson (PLP) 10-00, Payton Tucker (M) 9-00, Rebecca Karriker (M) 9-00, Marie Joos (M) 7-00, Megan Rose (S) 7-00.

Boys: Drew Evans (LN) 11-06, Jacob Joyal (M) 11-00, (Mooresville) 10-00, Evan Day (S) 10-00, Joseph Blankenship (NI) 9-00.

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