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You may think yourself a fine culinary artist because you make great boxed mac n’ cheese but what if I told you  that you have no idea how to make pasta correctly. You’re adding the pasta to the pot at the wrong time AND you’re dumping all the pasta water. Yair Ben-Dor has more.

The 2023 housing market may not be great for either buyers or sellers. But for current homeowners hoping to play both roles, it could be the right time. When entering the housing market, current homeowners have to consider twice the (often conflicting) circumstances — they are the seller, trying to get the best price for their...

As “green” cleaning becomes increasingly popular, more and more eco-friendly products are lining the shelves at retailers. Not only are they better for the environment, but cleaning products sans harsh chemicals and fragrances are also safer to use around children and pets, as well as anyone in your household with sensitive skin (or a sensitive sniffer).

U.S. cases of a dangerous fungus tripled over just three years, and more than half of states have now reported it. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote about the infections. They say the COVID-19 pandemic is likely part of the reason for the spread. Hospital workers were strained by coronavirus patients, and that likely shifted their focus away from disinfecting some other kinds of germs. The fungus is called Candida auris. It's a form of yeast that is usually not harmful to healthy people but can be a deadly risk to fragile hospital and nursing home patients. Some strains are so-called superbugs that are resistant to antibiotic drugs.

Missouri’s attorney general says he will issue an emergency regulation that at least temporarily puts strict limits on transgender medical treatment for youth. The planned rule comes as legislators in that state and many others seek bans or other restrictions on the treatment. Doctors and advocates for the transgender community contend the rule contains misleading or incorrect information straight from the playbook of anti-trans activists. The rule targets treatment for gender-questioning children, claiming it is experimental and risky. Critics say puberty blockers and hormones have been used safely for decades. Though not specifically approved for transgender care, they're used “off label,” an accepted practice across medicine.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a portion of the state’s ban on abortion, ruling women have a right to an abortion not just in a medical emergency. The court on Tuesday ruled that a woman has the right under the state Constitution to receive an abortion to preserve her life if doctors determine that continuing the pregnancy will endanger her life due to a condition she has or is likely to develop during the pregnancy. The court, however, didn't rule on whether the state Constitution grants the right to an elective abortion. The voted 5-4 in ruling in the lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood and others.


Content by Salem Tourism. For pickers and antiques aficionados, everything old is new again, and there’s certainly plenty of charming territory to explore in the welcoming town of Salem on the northwest outskirts of Roanoke, Virginia.

Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

For the first time in three decades, the U.S. has a new favorite dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. Adorable in some eyes, deplorable in others, the sturdy, push-faced, perky-eared, world-weary-looking and distinctively droll French bulldog became the nation's most prevalent p…

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